by Dorie on July 17, 2007

from denise

I came home to a little surprise package today. I thought it might have been the little breads we got off Etsy for Eva’s doll house, but duh, she already received those. The package came from Denise, who kindly and unexpectedly sent me these fat quarters. She has quite an eye for combinations, no? Hmm!

The package reminded me that I was tagged a good long time ago by pyglet (whispers) to name my favorite blogs. Well, goodness knows nobody can do that. So instead I’ll share a couple crafty bloggers I knew before I knew their blogs.

Wordy Diva: Lisa was the first person I knew with a blog of any kind. She is an insanely gifted gardener, who is quite willing to share advice (and plants) with people who have never had a garden before. Our garden this year quite literally came from her garden, and after a party at her place last Saturday, I think we’ll be looking for chickens, too. (I am so surprised by how into this Elie is.) We just need to get rid of one three-car garage.

Flit Knits: Jeanne ushered me into the craft blog world. I believe she said something like “Have you seen this new site, whipup?” And the rest is history. Jeanne knits and her knitting always comes out looking really good. She spins too, and then she sometimes does very brave natural dye experiments with her hand spun yarn.

leetle knits: Erica is a prolific and talented knitter. At knit night when a pattern or a gauge isn’t right, she’ll help you work the knitting math so it’s all OK. So nice.

Just in case you were one of the people who got a nice error message when you visited this blog last week, So sorry! I’ve got it all fixed. Errors are so tacky.

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Chara Michele July 18, 2007 at 9:07 am

This reminds me that I need to email you back! :) I am trying to catch up on a bunch of stuff this week, so I have been a bit behind on emails and such…

That fabric is lovely too by the way!


Jeanne July 24, 2007 at 7:07 am

Ack. Somehow I didn’t update my feeds (or my blog links on my blog), thanks for the plug! Please tell Eva I am VERY sorry we haven’t sent the package yet,
we forgot an important component in TX. We get home tomorrow!!


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