blue hawaii

by Dorie on July 27, 2009

ocean blue socks

Aloha! We’re just back from an island paradise. Elie had a conference to attend in Honolulu and Eva and I got to tag along. Lucky us. Going to Hawaii seems so made-up—I never really thought I would end up going there, but the opportunity presented itself, so…!

It really was as beautiful as you might expect, and I had dreamy ideas of Hawaii, so I thought I might be disappointed, but I wasn’t. During the conference, we stayed in Honolulu and Eva and I explored while Elie conferred, but then we did have one day to take off together after the conference ended, so we drove up to the North Shore and then along the coast. Just so nice. There was plenty of time on the beach, and as it usually is, my favorite beach time was a little before sunset, when the water gets all opalescent and the sun is not so fierce. It reminds me of times growing up when my sisters and I would walk to the beach after dinner, or in college when I’d jump into the ocean for a swim before going to wait tables or scoop ice cream. So calm.

please make sure your tray tables are covered in beautiful fabric scraps

I took some pacific blue sock yarn with me and started knitting up my very first sock ever. I’ve just done the heel turn now, and I can see why there are so many sock knitting addicts out there—socks are both portable and sculptural. I also packed some patchwork for the plane. Even in paradise, a girl’s got to keep her fingers busy, right?

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Fancy Elastic July 28, 2009 at 4:07 am

I love your sock picture. I too have just turned the heel of my first sock… ace!


Chara Michele July 28, 2009 at 12:07 pm

Lucky you! :) That yarn color is gorgeous!


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