multnomah for the girl

by Dorie on May 26, 2012

multnomah shawl for the girl

Eva got her very own shawl. I was pretty happy that she wanted one. Multnomah pattern in Hedgehog Fibres yarn.

The 6th grade is ending, and along with the more sentimental stuff, I find myself reflecting on this year’s school trends. There were definitely more than last year. For future reference and your entertainment:

1. Scented hand sanitizer. This was big. I had no idea.
2. Stripes
3. Gum (obvious, but it came “in” around January)
4. Gum wrapper chains (following gum)
5. Doing fundraisers for your favorite cause in the lunchroom
7. Arnold Palmer brand Arnold Palmer beverages. Trending hard right now.

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