x and plus quilt

by Dorie on September 3, 2012

x and plus quilt

over and gone, over and gone
summer is over and gone
– the crickets in Charlotte’s web

This is the undisputed End of Summer. It’s Labor Day, and we are done with it. Looking back is seems substantially long and full, and I wonder what I’ll make of it all the the coming weeks.

In a way that is more fitting than usual, I am finishing up summer projects at the end of the summer. I won’t talk about the two knit projects that ended sadly without enough yarn—I’ll just focus on this quilt.

x & +

Little x and + (plus) quilt, you were fun! I started you for no good reason, I used up a ton of scraps (including some of my favorite white prints – Heather Ross fishies, Liberty, My Folklore!), and I find you adorable. You are much less scrappy than others’ versions because as it turns out, I am just a little tight. You are sitting on one of the wing chairs, even though you don’t look like you belong there.

Pattern here at badskirt, for of course.

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erin September 5, 2012 at 7:38 pm

it’s great, dorie. i bet it’ll be cozy to wrap up with come fall.


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