fresh pack quilt pattern

by Dorie on May 29, 2014

fresh pack quilt

Thank you, thank you for the love on my Fresh Pack quilt. That quilt surprised me. For all my hesitation and process churning, it is a really good quilt. And, yay – I made a pattern for it! But first, let’s talk about about inspiration.

Fresh pack was a quilt born out of a relationship with a knitting project. I have long loved the Inspira Cowl (by graphica on ravelry). I have wanted one and wanted to make one and watch its colors fall from my fingers as I knit. I started an inspira a couple years ago – the fingering version. I get it out every couple months and work on it until the crazy neck and hand pain of working corrugated rib on small needles makes me cry and shove it in a corner. But who can stay away? I wanted to do the thing with the color and the variation and the baltic braid. I took the rows and the braids and I turned them into stripes and flying geese. And then I enjoyed the color. I found that a pack of good solids is much like noro yarn in fabric form.

I shared my quilt and my pattern idea with Marcy (graphica) because I was so inspired by her cowl, and she had some wonderfully creative ideas for how to interpret it:

People will have fun with this. I can imagine some quilters achieving a heathery effect w/ tiny floral prints, or an edgy urban effect w/ the occasional large prints peaking among weathered solids; or tonal Indian blanket effect…

The fresh pack quilt pattern is free like Inspira is free. With sooo many solids out there now (and solid collections?!), there are just endless color possibilities and I kinda want to see them all. Yes? OK! The pattern is available on Craftsy. It has been tested by a wonderful group of testers. (Seriously, this pattern is so much better having others’ points of view.) Thank you Stephanie, Maria, Ronit, Kate, Emily, and Amy!

Make one and let me see!


Amanda June 6, 2014 at 8:30 am

I love this quilt!! Thanks so much for the free pattern :)

Brienne June 24, 2014 at 11:25 pm

Wow! This looks amazing.

Laura September 18, 2014 at 10:20 am

Good Lord in the morning!!! This is awesome! I’ve never quilted but I’m dying to try it out! Your work is lovely!

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