Lucky Cuff Quilt

by Dorie on December 7, 2016

I am so pleased to have designed December’s Quilt of the Month for the MQG!

From the blurb:

This quilt is inspired by colorwork knitting patterns and my childhood love of Lucky Charms cereal. I have been enjoying making row quilts, and being a knitter as well as a quilter, the correlation between knitted and quilted rows is cool to me. In knitting we always have the restriction of the row, and it’s interesting to observe how knitters have worked with that restriction and to translate it into quilting.

My great grandmother used to let me eat all kinds of junk my mom didn’t want me to have, including Lucky Charms cereal. She was also pretty tolerant about us doing wasteful, messy things, like removing the colored marshmallows from the milky bowl to “stamp” leeched food coloring designs on napkins. She even put the finished napkins on her fridge. So, this quilt is all happy food memories meet knitting meets quilting.

The pattern makes a twin size quilt – certainly big enough to get under. I used Kona cotton solids for my quilt, in shades of blue-green, and I backed it in a small print gingham.

For the quilting, I decided to do a pattern inspired by knit stockinette stitch similar to the one I used on my Knit Stitch quilt.

The lovely and talented Hayley Cason of The Plum Bobbin pattern tested and edited my pattern. She’s has both an English degree and a ton of technical quilting experience, and this pattern definitely benefitted from her work. Thank you Hayley!

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erin December 8, 2016 at 7:02 am

it’s beautiful, dorie!

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