Dorie Schwarz

photo by Gigi Swanson

I’m Dorie Schwarz, a maker of many things.  I currently live in Michigan, near Lansing.  I absolutely love it here.

I started Tumbling Blocks in 2006 (the original blog still exists on blogspot) because I fell in love with the creative community online that was doing all sorts of interesting new things with traditional needle arts.  This community is very important to me, and I find it hard to explain exactly why or how much.

My own creativity seems to come in cycles—sometimes I knit, sometimes I sew clothing, sometimes I quilt.  My hands are seldom idle.  Making things is a comfort and a joy.

Professionally, I build the internet. Well, not the whole internet. (Goodness!) I’m a web developer.

If you have questions or comments on anything you find here, you can email me at tumblingblocks@gmail.com.  I’m also on twitter as @tumbling_blocks and on flickr as dorathy.


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